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Break-out Musician on the Move

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“Break-out Musician on the Move”

Songwriter-singer-musician Neal Simmons is taking his talents to live audiences, after years of self-taught artistry on a variety of instruments. He is also moving from his former base in Gainesville, Florida, to the Upper Midwest.

At 27 years old, he decided it was time to go public with his songs and with live performing. His folk and country-western influences have people telling him he could be the next Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash. Yet, as a fresh recording artist, he’s also writing songs in the rock and indie pop genres.

After moving to the music legend community of Clear Lake, Iowa, he caught the attention of Gregory Schmidt (head of Festivals International). Schmidt has placed this “fresh talent” in both small venues and large street festivals, already. He plans to continue helping develop Simmons’ live show and recording work. Together, the two will phase into the music world of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, where they can begin collaborating with other established musicians.

Schmidt points out, “I was considering retirement from the business of talent development until I heard Neal sing several of his own compositions. I was moved to believe that he will have an extraordinary career. He could become one of the best story-teller musicians on the circuit.”

[Neal Simmons]: “Clear Lake/North Iowa have revealed to me a vibrant musical history and culture that I could have never imagined while living in Florida. While the differences of North Iowa are a stark contrast from living in Florida, I have grown to truly appreciate the community and way of life here in what can only be described as a pleasant culture shock. I was not expecting to find such a bustling musical culture outside of big cities like Minneapolis, Nashville, or New York, but North Iowa captures a truly unique and deep passion for music and live performance. I left Florida with the intentions of fully immersing myself in a musical career. Clear Lake/North Iowa is above and beyond my expectations to help me realize that vision. I can see myself staying and playing here longer than I had initially thought!”

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