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“New Audiobook Gets First Review”

The motivational audiobook, Your Life – Beyond 2000, by health researcher Gregory Schmidt has recently received its initial reviewing for the book market trade. Deanna Larson of Connect! Magazine writes “Schmidt gives firm opinions and practical advice with a sense of humor, something [listeners] should appreciate. If you think you’re too busy to listen to another expert telling you how to live life, Schmidt’s no-nonsense, no gurus approach should point out the error of your ways. His instincts about well-being, and his broad knowledge of recent health trends, make the information persuasive. And his basic philosophy is sound: it’s not enough to eliminate the bad influences in your life—you must also fill your life with the good.”

Sub-titled ‘Knowledge for the 21st Century’ this 2 cassette, 3-hour coaching drawn from four years of delving into a vast amount of publications, health newsletters and medical studies cajoles you into getting serious about the way you treat yourself and the others around you. It basically proposes a well-rounded lifestyle that encourages involvement in the community as well as fundamental exercise and creative activity.

To enhance the sales and distribution of Your Life – Beyond 2000 Schmidt is also developing a live program that will tour Midwest towns as a community health revival. “From what I’ve learned and continue to uncover there’s a vast amount of foodstuffs that are harmful to us, but still pushed on store shelves. And that doesn’t even touch upon the numerous nutritional deficiencies that most people are unaware of in their own meal plans,” he points out in this new audiobook production. The health revivals will also promote spiritual well-being.

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Your Life – Beyond 2000 retails for $17.95 and is available from the publisher.