A Welcome Message from the Director 

Huzzah and welcome to the world of Festivals, Faires and Family Edutainment!

For more than a dozen years we have been producing these annual special events to the satisfaction of kids, serious historians, teachers, student groups, scouting units and families. (Many times I’ve had a parent tell us that “this festival was the best time our family has had together, this year.”) They are not as large as a state fair, but the individual components that we incorporate into our events add up all the same.

If you want to have a small sampling of one of our festivals at your event or in your town, just contact us with the details. This is a moveable feast. As a matter of fact, we’ll be offering the opportunity for your city to celebrate its “renaissance” by staging one-time Renaissance Festivals in various locales.

And why do we profess the word ‘international’ in our company name? Because we are mighty fond of presenting multi-cultural aspects of life to our event guests. Hey, we’ve produced various ethnic festivals in addition to our own Clear Lake, IA., “International May Festival.” If you can’t go out and see the world, we can bring many parts of it to you. So, JOIN US in this “carnival of life.”